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Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs Cardiff

Wayfinding signs are used to guide pedestrians and motorists to and around your place of work. Used correctly they should make it as simple a process as possible. They can also demonstrate your brand and quality values.

At Print Sauce in Cardiff, we work on projects of all sizes from a single office to hotels, hospitals and stadiums. We have a range of products to suit all requirements and budgets, offering solutions for permanent or temporary use such as festivals or events.

Options include:

  • Braille and tactile signs
  • Bespoke interpretation panels
  • Panels and lecterns
  • Monolith signs
  • Projecting wall mounted signs
  • Fingerpost signs
  • Secure directory signs
  • Aluminium panel and post signs
  • Internal post and wall mounted signs

What is Wayfinding Signage?

Any sort of sign that offers directions is considered wayfinding signage. They exist to assist customers in locating their destination without the use of long explanations or difficult maps. Customers should be able to locate their destination easily if there are signs to help them along the route.

We also design and manufacture external directional signage. Get in touch to find out more about the services we offer at Print Sauce.

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