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Monolith Signs

Monolith & Totem Signs

We specialise in the design and creation of bespoke signage. As a monolith sign and totem sign manufacturers, our signs can be custom designed. We can create a sign to suit your brand identity and specific requirements. Available single-sided, double-sided, flat, or curved monolith signs. We can create a completely unique external signage solution to impress visitors.

When a monolith is erected it is important that it is able to withstand general weathering and potential abuse from vandalism. All of our monoliths conform to industry installation standards and are made from the most appropriate materials for the job.

What is a Monolith Sign?

Monolith signs, also known as totem signs, are a type of exterior signage. Used for wayfinding signage and creating high visibility for company identity. The ideal directional signage solution for creating brand impact.

Monolith signs are used as prominent brand markers that can emphasise an entranceway or identify a building from the roadside. This vertical signage is visible from a distance so is mainly used for entrances leading to a specific location. From corporate locations to a school or university or for business parks, hotels, and retail locations.

Illuminated monoliths add impact with the additional benefit of being visible both day and night. They’re perfect for hotels, leisure centers, and shopping outlets. Our experiences include working with business parks and industrial sites to produce complex monolith signs with multiple brands and logos.

Totem signs are larger than monolith signs, used to create maximum impact and visibility. There is no limit to the size of the totem signs we can manufacture, but always check if you need planning permission for the installation of larger monoliths or totems.

As a leading monolith signs manufacturer in South Wales, at Print Sauce we have a range of samples available to view at our showroom in Caerphilly.

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