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Fabric Banners

Custom Fabric Printing

At Print Sauce in Cardiff, we have a team of expert printers who specialise in the design and manufacture of fabric banners for exhibitions.

Fabric Display Ideas

Fabric is quickly becoming the go-to material for retail displays. It is lightweight, machine washable, and available up to 3.6 meters high by any length. Normally used within a tension frame, they are pulled taught over a frame giving the look of solid signage.

Benefits of Our Fabric Banners:

  • Washability
  • Durable
  • Lightweight, so easy to transport
  • No glare or scratched finish
  • Reusable

Fabric banners are the ideal choice for getting your message through in style in elegant interior settings or at high-class events, since they are sophisticated, crease-resistant, and offer brilliant, clearly defined colours.

The graphics have a rubber bead stitched to the edges which simply pushes into the frame. This makes them easily updated by anyone, eliminating the need for signage professionals to update displays. In addition to this, the fabric can be folded up into a small package for transporting to premises and the tension frame will remove any crease or fold.

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