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Exhibition Banners

Exhibition banners. Roller banners. Pop up banners. These are all names for the same product. We call them roller banners!

We offer a huge range of banner stands from budget to premium with an array of graphic options, warranties, and styles.

Some of our clients regularly take their stands overseas so weight is a crucial factor. For this, we use a lightweight fabric graphic fitted to a tension banner stand. These weigh just four kilograms.

Other clients attend numerous meetings on a weekly basis so their stands are well used. For this, we offer our premium textured graphic fitted to a sturdy wide footprint base with a five-year warranty, and are able to produce graphic replacements to maximise the life of the stand.

We also have clients who are attending an event to promote a new product or service for something that is only required for a short time. We have a budget graphic and budget base which ticks all the boxes for this client.

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