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Café Barriers

Outdoor Cafe Barriers

As well as shop signs and poster printing at Print Sauce we specialise in the design and manufacture of cafe barrier signs in Cardiff. Cafe barriers add branding outside your premises and add a screen to give some privacy and wind protection to your alfresco diners.

Café barriers are a cost-effective way to enclose a pavement or pedestrian area while also providing a fantastic marketing opportunity. They’re perfect for establishing an outside eating or smoking area outside your café, bar, restaurant, or nightclub, and they also promote your business with branded banners.

Our café barriers are made of superior stainless steel, which gives any venue a high-end flair and ensures that your café banner system looks fantastic in all weather. Individual components can be purchased, or we provide pre-designed kits that simplify the purchasing process while also saving money. We have three different café barrier systems to choose from, each with its own unique layout and banner design.

Improve your Local Marketing

For clubs, pubs, and public events, they may also be utilised as queue management systems.

The printed cafe banners serve as a windbreak and privacy screen for outdoor customers while also providing additional marketing areas for your business.

Each printed banner, which is usually printed with a huge logo, allows you to boost brand recognition with no effort.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help create your ideal cafe barrier.

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