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21 Jun 2021

New Look, New Name—We have changed!

So... Why the Change?

We started Print Sauce 12 years ago, back then we were “sourcing” simple printing—business cards, flyers, y’know the usual!

Since then things have changed, and so have we! We’ve continued to grow and we now offer a complete service that starts with branding and design right through to signage, displays, interior consultation, and vehicle graphics.

The original Print Sauce name was a play on words, as in the early days we sourced print! But now we are so much more, it’s time to drop ‘Print’ and become Sauce. It reflects what we offer, it is bold, simple, and still is a nod to our roots!

Your Sauce for impact, Your Sauce for signage, Your Sauce for everything.

Your Sauce whichever way you want it!

Brand Language

The original Print Sauce brand started out as a play on words, as the company was a print sourcer. The Brand has always had personality, but the offering has changed significantly, with ambition to offer an even greater service level. It’s time to change, we want to create impact, retain personality and build even more... 


As with any new brand, we have been busy applying it across. whole range of applications, from completely updating the studios signage, rewrapped vehicles, and everything inbetween. The scope of the brand language, allows the brand to grow and evolve as we do!


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If you have a project we can help with, a problem we can solve or would just like to find out more about the services we offer please feel free to get in touch.

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