Flex face sign with internal LED illumination

Vitality is a growing leisure company in South Wales and Print Sauce have been working with them for over two years.

When Vitality decided to transform the site of the Evolution night club in the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff into a gym, they came to Print Sauce for a solution to replace the 8m wide sign that was fitted to the front of the premises.

Print Sauce suggested a solution that would remove the existing sign but keep the framework and structure that it was fitted to as a cost saving measure.

We then came to a joint decision with the customer that a flex face illuminated sign would be the best product to use. Using this type of sign meant that the face could be produced in one seamless section rather than in several pieces. And, because the face of the sign is made using PVC banner material it means the sign is significantly cheaper than all other illuminated options. The customer decided to have LED illumination rather than fluorescent tubes as although the initial cost was higher the amount of power needed to run it is 60% less. In addition, the life expectancy of LEDs is much greater than tubes, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.