are your walls looking bland now you no longer need to display your employers liability certificate? – Bespoke printed wallpaper is a great way to personalise your walls.

If you have blank unloved walls in your office, shop or communal areas the possibilities open to you are endless!

Bespoke printed wallpaper used to be priced out of the reach of most SME’s and only seen in multinationals but with the advances in technology the price has come down making it
available to all.

Printable wallpaper comes in a variety of textures and finishes, it is very durable, fire rated and can even be removed and repositioned.

The only limit to what can be printed is your imagination.

As well as wallpaper there are a range of self adhesive vinyls specifically designed for internal walls. These come in a huge range of colours and in a matt or gloss finish. We personally prefer matt vinyls for internal branding however we have used clear gloss vinyl on matt painted walls to great effect. The clear gloss vinyl works like a spot varnish on small format printing and catches your eye from different angles as you move around the space.

Your space can be branded with a mixture of materials meaning your graphic can go across walls, doors and glass seamlessly.

For examples of our bespoke printed wallpaper work please visit our facebook page

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